Vitality WestRun London 10k

Powered By Cakes WestRun London I have kindly been given a race spot at the inaugural Vitality WestRun London 10k, taking place on Sunday 4th October. I used to live on Fulham Road, so it will be nice run a race in familiar territory.

As well as being able to participate in the 10km, you’ll be able to take part in the mile Family Fun Run. Both of these start on Eel Brook Common, with the 10km then taking on traffic free streets including New Kings Road, Parsons Green, Fulham Road and Fulham Broadway.

Places are limited and will sell out, so visit to get your spot at at the early bird price of £35. Entry for the Family Fun Run costs £10 per person and is open to everyone over the age of four.

You can also catch them on twitter @WestRunLondon and on Facebook /westrunlondon.


Taking on Spitfire Scramble

Powered By Cakes Spitfire Scramble 2015This year has been a year of firsts for me. Back in April I completed my first marathon and in June I completed my first triathlon. Up until a few days ago, I only had the Copenhagen Half lined up after the triathlon and that’s not until mid-September. Although my aim is to get a sub-2 hour half, which is a big challenge in itself, I’m always on the look out for new challenges and new adventures.

When UK Run Chat Team Red tweeted that they were looking for one more team member for the Spitfire Scramble 24 hour relay, it took me all of two minutes to sign up as the 8th team member.

The Spitfire Scramble is held on on a site which used to be the site of a WW2 RAF air base. The event starts at midday and as a team, we won’t stop again until midday the next day. Each team has to have one runner on the course at all times and runners have to complete a full circuit before handing over to a team mate.

A few friends took part in the inaugural race last year and it looked like a lot of fun, albeit tough. I’m definitely looking forward to my first 24 hour relay and running laps in the middle of the night! I’ve worked out that each team member needs to run at least 3 laps of the course, so we’ll see …

I haven’t yet met the rest of the team members in person, we’ve just chatted via twitter, so it’ll be nice to put faces to names in a few weeks time. There’s also some friendly competition between #teamred and #teamblue, so it will be interesting to see which team wins in the end anddd there are also three Run Dem Crew teams taking part …


Fighting For What You Want

Powered By Cakes Fighting For What You WantI studied law at university and up until a year ago, I wanted to pursue a career in law. After I completed my LPC in June 2014, I went on to secure a paralegal position at a law firm in London. That September I signed up to my first half marathon with a few friends; I caught the running bug whilst training for the race and, in short, it’s changed what I want from my career and from life.

Up until the age of 18, I’d been pretty active, I rowed at my local rowing club in Gibraltar. At uni, sport wasn’t really at the top of my priorities … So when my first friend Kezia mentioned signing up to a half marathon in September 2014, I was all for it! I really wanted to improve my fitness and this challenge was the perfect opportunity.

I found that most people around me in the legal sector weren’t very active, worked long hours, ate terribly and drank a silly amount of alcohol on a daily basis. I, myself, was trying to create a healthier lifestyle for myself but found it hard as I was often working long hours, which impacted on my training and healthy eating. I also found that my colleagues made snide remarks about my ‘obsession’ with running and eating well.

I started blogging as I found that I talked about running a lot and I wanted to share my journey with others. Through my blog, I met lots of like-minded people and it made me want to pursue a career in something that I was passionate about. At this point, I really didn’t know what exactly, but considered PR and Marketing in the sports sector.

When I first mentioned walking away from law, my parents weren’t very supportive. They thought I was wasting all the time spent studying law and working in the legal sector. They also thought I was being unrealistic … I wonder how much of it was worry that I’d fail.When  I took the leap and moved to my first job in the health and fitness industry – a junior account executive role at health and fitness PR agency – my parents came round to the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could do this.

I spent four months at the PR agency learnt a lot. It definitely confirmed my dream of working in the health and fitness sector. Although I enjoyed PR, I wanted to explore marketing, so at the beginning of June I started an internship at an endurance sports marketing agency. I’m very new to it, so I can’t say much yet, but so far I’ve really enjoyed it. I like that it’s more creative than PR and our team is great.

It’s not been easy. It took me a whole year to take the plunge and walk away from law. The stint at the PR agency was interesting, but I don’t think PR is for me. I enjoy marketing and think that I might want to make a career out of it, but I’ve only been there a month, so I can’t be 100% sure. I’m currently expenses only, so it’s tough financially. I’ve got savings and am on job seekers allowance and considering getting housing benefit too.

I hope that as endurance sports  marketing agency grows, they can take me on as an employee, but I might have to make some tough choices if that doesn’t happen. That said, I don’t want to settle for any job because it pays well. I’ll be working for the next 40 years if not more, so I want to find that job that I love and am passionate about.

Those of you who don’t know what you want to do with your careers, you aren’t the only ones out there trying to figure it out. I think that it’s brave to go out on a limb and try something different and you should definitely go for it!

Getting Cycle Confident | Part 1

Powered By Cakes Cycle Confident Part 1When I signed up to the Windsor Triathlon, I wanted to take part in my triathlon, but I also had the hope of gaining enough confidence to be able to cycle on the road.

I learned how to cycle when I was a child, and have always felt perfectly comfortable doing so in a park. But when I thought about cycling on the road, I would get really nervous. I grew up in Gibraltar, and learned how to drive a car and moped there, so I’ve always driven on the opposite side of the road to England. Gibraltar is also very small and traffic isn’t as daunting as it is here in London.

I’ve put off getting cycle confident for months! A friend at Run Dem Crew mentioned the Cycle Confident scheme. In short, your borough offers two 2-hour FREE 1-2-1 sessions. You specify what you want out of these sessions, so these are highly useful whether you are an experienced cyclist or a complete beginner, brushing up or learning new skills.

Powered By Cakes Windsor Triathlon - BicycleMy instructor, Oliver, was really helpful from the outset. Typical SJ, I started the session on the wrong foot as my wheels needed air and Oliver had forgotten  his air pump. Luckily there’s a local bike shop not far from Finsbury Park.

By the end of the session I felt much more comfortable. Since I hadn’t really ridden a bike since I was a child, a lot of the session included covering the basics like starting and stopping, how to change the gears, etc. By the end of the class, Oliver had me confidently cycling round the park. We also went on the road, albeit semi-closed off roads in residential areas.

You’ll probably find this quite funny, but I got an Uber to Paddington Station on my way to Windsor for the Windsor Triathlon, as I was too scared to cycle on the road by myself! On the way back, Elle was kind enough to accompany me cycle from Waterloo to Liverpool Street Station. I managed it and felt so proud of myself and grateful to Elle!

I clearly still have a lot to work on, but I’m hoping to confidently cycle on the road by the end of my second session. I’ll keep you posted!

In this session, Oliver covered the following:

  • Breaks
  • Getting on and off the bike
  • starting and stopping
  • How to change gears
  • Hand signals
  • Cycling on the road
  • Gear needed (blog post to come shortly)

Do you cycle on the road? Did you always feel confident or did you have to learn to be confident on the road?

July 2015 Goals

Powered By Cakes: July GoalsSo it’s been a while since I thought about my monthly goals. I’ve been a bit rubbish at the whole blogging thing for the past few of months! I was in a job that wasn’t good for me and it meant a lot of stress (emotional as well as physical) and no time for anything else, just work … but all is well now. I have a new job now and I’m much much happier, so I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of training, blogging etc!

Now that the marathon and the triathlon have been completed, I’m back to a goal that I always seem to go back to – running a sub-2 hour half marathon. I went to Berlin back in March to run a half marathon with Run Dem Crew and had so much fun, that I couldn’t say no to another running holiday with the RDC family. I’ll be going to Copenhagen in September and hope to finally achieve the sub-2 hour half that I’ve been chasing since I started running.

I wanted to break down that goal into manageable monthly chunks and I’d like to start July on the right foot.  So here are my goals for July:

  1. Sleep – I stay up late and get up very early often and as a result I’m always complaining that I’m tired. We all forget how important sleep actually is and how much impact it has. So my aim is to try to get 8 hours of sleep each night;
  2. Strength training – Charlie Dark (founder of Run Dem Crew) is always telling about how important strength training is to a runner. In short, it helps you prevents injury and it makes you a stronger, better and faster runner.  I think that I really need to focus on building strength to attempt to shave 7 minutes off my current PB;
  3. Hydration – It’s so important especially during these hot summer months … I’m almost certain I’m always a bit on the dehydrated side, so I’ll be making sure I drink more H20. Nuun also helps … ; and
  4. Sticking to my training programme – I have a tendency to start a programme and not really follow it through. I don’t want to be regimental about training, but I want to try and stick to my programme as much as possible.

This month’s goals are a little ambitious … but I feel like I have a lot to work on …

Do you have any goals this month? What will you be focusing on?

SJ x



SomuchmoreThe lovely people at Somuchmore have given me a 14 Day complimentary trial and 50% off the first month.

Somuchmore gives you the opportunity to try their pick-and-mix approached to fitness classes.You pay a monthly membership fee of £89 and get access to an eclectic mix of group exercise classes at 150 studios. You attend a maximum of 3 classes per month per studio.

There’s an incredible range of locations and studios, including many well-known names like TenPilates, Bootcamp Pilates and Hot Pod Yoga. With Somuchmore, not only can you go to fitness classes, but you can also learn about nutrition and biomedicine, mediate and chill out in sauna’s or spas.

If you’d like to give it a go, you can get £25 pounds off your first month on top of a 14 Day free trial with the following code: ‘MORECAKES’.


Twitter – SomuchmoreUK
Instagram- SomuchmoreHQ
Facebook – SomuchmoreUK

Windsor Triathlon: Final Words

Powered By Cakes: Windsor Triathlon I was invited to take part in the Windsor Triathlon by Human Race Events for the 25th anniversary of the iconic race. I just wanted to write a little, slightly cheesy, post to thank everyone!

Friends and family, thank you for believing in me, supporting me and helping keep me calm when I was a nervous wreck! You know who you are!

I am also grateful to have been provided with a race place at this event. They organised an amazing support system for the bloggers and journalists taking part. I wanted to thank the following experts for their support throughout my training:

  • RG Active– RG Active provided me with  fab 8 week training plan.
  • Sports Science Consultants – Richard was great! He did fitness analysis, including a V02 max test and body composition analysis.
  • Pure Sports Medicine – Pure Sports Medicine provided physiotherapy support. Alastair Nowell was very friendly, professional and helped me with the few niggles I had along the way!
  • Psycle – Psycle offered us training support. I’m a big fan Psycle, so I really loved building my cycling strength at their studio!
  • Nutrition – Rhian from Psycle provided us with nutrition support

To find out how my race went, click here.